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Too much wind!

Look at me

opening your poetry book

Now all your poems have blown away.

Too much wind!

I’m running after them

with my scarf in my hand

floating in the air like a fishnet. 

Too much wind!

My skirt now

sailing away catching everything

blossoms, birds, spring! 

Too much wind!

Not one poem, not one verse,

not one word of yours 

I could save.

Sorry! So much wind! 


Here, Love...

My scarf, my skirt,

heavenly silk in your hands--

A new chapter of simple miracles

YP, May 22nd, 2018

Alternate ending

In a few days,
the cold will have faded into warmth;
in a few days,
the heart of darkness will be bright;
in a few days,
the song of sorrow will be forgotten;
in a few days
the scent of despair will have vanished;
in a few days,
the taste of loneliness will have dissolved;
for in a few days,
You will be back!
Alternate ending:
for in a few days
You will be gone!
YP, May 6th 2018

Before I go to sleep

Before I go to sleep
I shall remember a story--

the spring of our secrets
the summer of your heart
the fall of my body
the winter of our souls. 

Thus, love, 
before you go to sleep
I shall sing to you 
the skin and bones of the seasons.

YP, May 1st 2018

How long again is FOREVER?

How long again is FOREVER?
Used to know by looking in your eyes.
Love is gone now. FOREVER
has surely found another pair of eyes to land on.
Hey, you tell me,
how long again was FOREVER?

YP, March 11th 2018


To Aida, 

I saw Anna Magnani* in my mirror.
She looked tired, her gaze a little off.
After a moment
her surprise gave way to a smile,
a radiant smile,
her eyes now
recognizing me as her reflection.
She started to sing with all her heart
about the hardships of being a woman.
But, before leaving,
she laughed
opened mouth.

*Some people in show business were afraid of Anna Magnani. The force that made her not just a great actress, but a sacred monster - her impulsive extremism - was also a cause of upheaval, and those "scenes" calculated to disrupt the orderly recording of designed scenes on to celluloid. To hire Magnani, to be with her in any enterprise, meant, sooner or later, being on the receiving end of her temper, and plates of hot pasta. Just think of the damage she might have done if she'd been unquestionably beautiful, along with everything else. Instead, it was the battle of her existence as an actress and a woman to make any man ignore her roughness, her ugliness even, and see her raw desire.

YP, 8/27/2017


To the moon:
Hey, you!
Aren't you hiding something?!

YP, 8/21/2017


I should nest on your neck
Lay my eggs
Eat my worms
Sing my songs
And then fly away 
For a while
To return
But singing fiercely
How much I've missed you!

March, 29th 2017

Going to work

Can you hear the crickets

their song a little softer

muffled by the rain?

Now, the morning is melting the night.

Soon the sun will beat in my veins.

I kiss you goodbye.

You smile in your dreams

lifting me

like a bird that can fly.

YP, le 19 Août 2016


it seems that everyone is leaving you!
And it’s so difficult not to take it personally.
What, so soon?
Didn’t you know how much you mattered?
Have I ever told how much you meant to me?
Didn’t you realize that my mornings and my nights would be changed forever?
it seems that everyone is leaving you
but then it looks like the snow doesn’t fall so hard
and the clouds lift up a bit,
even the darkness is a little brighter.
So many signs that you may not be alone.
YP. Feb 4, 2016

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Richard J. (Rick) Hilber | Reply 26.10.2017 13.49

Simple direct plainly spoken imagery, and a quiet inside the persona that speaks the truth of its human heart.

Y. P 16.11.2017 20.57

Thanks for your comment. :)

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I appreciate these words of wellcome and I shall back nearly. Friendly.

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C'est bien triste...

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Une plume de vermeil, un souffle d'éternel.

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