Just because I feel like it!


Sitting on his lap, tonight,

makes you feel like a child again,

your eyes filled with dreams

in mid-December


But this Santa

doesn’t have a white beard

doesn’t wear any red,

and doesn’t ask you any questions


No, this Santa

regards you

with fond amusement

his nose against your nose


After a moment

he tells you simply

that you are his earth, his heaven, his greatest gift

so you smile and believe!


YP, 12/5/2015

Neither word

Neither word nor gesture ...

Only the memory of my soul

stolen one evening

and transfigured

ever since

in each moment of your silence! 

YP, October 28th 2015

I met you

I met you
on the path of ink
your dog following
below the foretold shivers
of a handful of stars.

YP 6/3/2015

There is a way to measure Love

"There is a way to measure love!”
repeats your best friend.
“He calls you every day
he sees you every day
he cannot but repeat endlessly
that he loves you
and he tells you
you are his muse!”

•“Yes”, you nod.
“That IS a pretty good way to measure love”.

But then you think about yesterday,
when he was so close to you
his hand reaching yours at such a difficult time
his brow so serious
so focused on your personal interest.
And you know it will happen
again next year,
always around the middle of this month
when he will help you
filing your taxes

•“Yes”, you nod.
“There is a way to measure Love!”
YP, 4/9/2015

For Coral Sadowy


5 minutes

Give me just 5 min

5 small minutes

is all I ask


so I can look at you, 

so I can touch your nose with my nose,

so I can repeat that I love you

and tell you goodnight again, 

sleep well


until tomorrow. 


5 minutes

5 short minutes

before I am separated from my soul.


Earthquake, Sospel 1963

Little slippers

sliding down the bedroom floor,

far in the kitchen, 

quivering pots

cover my mother's screams:

soon, she'll be calling my name!

But, under my soft blanket,

only the salt of my tears

will answer her. 


YVONNE PERALTA (le 30 mars 2014)




They gather:

a deer and a holy man

together linked,

unaware droplets 

of an improbable storm!


YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 12 Août 2013)

Don't be mad

Don't be mad!

It's about the book you lent me...

See, it got stained 

and  it smells now 

like coconut oil. 


And it got wet, 

not just a little wet, 

you know how books behave 

around water!


Especially the page 

about the spirit abiding 

in everything,

that page got really soaked!

Forgive me? 



Near the river

The leisurable sense

of the heat

of the sand

of each other

comfortable and silent!


YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 2 août 2013)

He takes her

He takes her


She's lifted 

and her world starts 

to spin

on the deck

above the waters

and under the sun.

She laughs

defying gravity, 


like Mother Earth!

YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 8 juillet 2013)


Prayer in the garden


I painted my nails brown

So I could pretend

I was digging in the dirt

while I was kneeling

before my roses. 

YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 1er Aout 2013)


Untitled 3

Did you feel

I didn’t want to leave you

last night?

Did you?

I didn’t hug you twice because

I was cold

Although I was

so cold

just from the thought

of leaving you!

YVONNE PÉRALTA (Le 3 juin 2013)

Untitled 2

Why is it,

when you have no time

to consider them,

ideas are coming towards you

at the speed of light?

And you have to

close your eyes

and pray for a dark hole

where you can hide from them? 

YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 3 juin 2013)

Untitled 1

You are failing

I’m falling!

What are we going

to do with ourselves?

Thank God

I have no time to think!

So, I’ll see you next week,

somewhere in Australia?

YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 3 juin 2013)

Silent passenger (Haiku)

For Pierre Bensusan, 

Silent passenger

in my wandering heart, chamber

of whispered rivers!

YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 1er Juin 2013)

Out of Africa!

Tanzania, Africa (June 1993-July 1994)

One never really leaves Africa…    

One never really leaves…

One never..?


But that particular one,

Will He ever leave?

Please, please…



YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 11 avril 2013)

The missing sock

Where is your missing sock,

Vito, my bambino?

Is she traveling, hidden

In your electric train?

Have you left her sleeping

Tangled between your sheets?

Or is she now whining

Alone without her twin?

Where is your missing sock,

Vito, my darling child?

Tiny foot-amulet,

Your parents’good luck charm!


YVONNE PERALTA  (le 17 février 2013)


To Mike Finley,

The smile upon my lips is not willing to fade

It sprang to life this morn created by your words

He is the sweet cherub, still awake in his crib,

Hoping for the moment when he’ll be kissed at last.

Yvonne Péralta (1/21/13)

Silly refrain

You must remember this
A quiche is still a quiche
A pie is just a pie…
The sweet hygienic things apply
or food goes bad!

And when two shepards woo
They still say, "I love ewe."
On that you can rely
No mutton what the future brings
or food goes bad.

Moonlight and love songs
side order of dates.
Love revolution:
Let us eat them cakes!

Bring me that flan
And another plate
Before I say goodbye.

It's still the same old story
A fight for those calories
A case of good red wine.
The world will always welcome dinners
or food goes bad.


YVONNE PÉRALTA (le 17 mars 2014)



Dawn at your window:


Freed from its cloth of illusions,


And sings

The elation of the first morning!

YVONNE PÉRALTA (11/13/2012)


The colors of your name are engraved in my eyes:

Savor the sweet rainbow, precious stream on my cheeks,

Tormented melody in this blissful landscape,

Vision of paradise with a bittersweet scent!


YVONNE PÉRALTA (11/13/2012)

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